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Lydens Hule (Cave of Sounds) was commissioned by DR Musikariet, a department under the Danish public broadcast company. 

Musikariet organizes live concerts for young audiences and wanted us to develop a new concert format primarily for age group 6 - 9 yrs. 

In Lydens Hule music defines both dramaturgy and timing in a concert without pedagogical explanations along the way. 

The first version of Lydens Hule is a live performance for 3 musicians and a dancer/choreographer, accompanied by synchronized video, lighting and soundtracks.

It is a work in progress with a current duration of 30 min. Based on the  feedback from our first enthusiastic audiences and their teachers we will expand the format to a 45-50 min. concert in 2022-23. 


theatre concert for
young audiences

trailer 1 min. 11 sec.

concept - Jacob F. Schokking & Gert Sørensen

music - Gert Sørensen & Mathias Madsen Munch

staging & videodesign - Jacob F. Schokking

choreography & dance - Julie Kunz

percussion - Gert Sørensen 

piano - Mathias Madsen Munch

clarinet - Tine Vitkov

Click link for full video registration - 28.min:

Scenes from live performance at DR Concert Hall

commissioned & produced by DR Musikariet, 2022

producer - Agnete Skibsted


One of the central features on stage - a full size bronze bell from the symphony orchestra's collection.

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