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Drømte mig en Drøm (Dreamt me a Dream), a title borrowed from the oldest known Danish melody and text notation, a fragment from around 1300 AD. 

This theatrical concert was commissioned by Aalborg Teater for a young cast of eight actors from their ensemble accompanied by a live band of six.

Danish songs - both new, old, archaic, popular and almost forgotten -  were set to new musical and theatrical arrangements. 

Ideas developed in earlier projects such as Barcode were further developed and integrated in this theatrical concert for a large stage and for an audience of various age-groups.





concept, staging & video artwork - Jacob F. Schokking

dramaturg - Jens Christian Lauenstein Led

set design - Karin Gille

choreographer - Kasper Ravnhøj

videodesign - Alexander Fog

video programming - Alex Christoffer Rasmussen

lighting design - Kasper Daugberg

sound design - Kristian Berg



bandleader, arranger, keyboard, accordion, guitar - Niels Søren Hansen

arranger, guitar, bas, ukulele, live-mix - Johannes Smed

cello, ukulele - Johanne Andersson

guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin - Lasse Sandkamm

trombone, tuba - Niels Nørgaard

drums - Peter Dombernowsky



Bolette Nørregaard Bang

Karla Rosendahl Rasmussen

Line Nørholt Kjeldsen

Marie Knudsen Fogh

Evrim Benli

Ferdinand Falsen Hiis

Sebastian Aagaard-Williams

Østen Borre Simonsen

commissioned & produced by Aalborg Teater, 2021

slides photographed by Catrine Zorn

Død mand 01_edited.jpg
Død mand 03_edited_edited.jpg
Død mand 04_edited.jpg

first iPhone finger sketches for video animation


sketch for scene with soldiers and citizens video-choir

IMG_1154 copy_edited.jpg

sketch for video mix in one of the labour scenes

The press wrote:

Jacob Schokking’s theatrical concert is a dazzling virtuoso suite of scenes all derived from the Danish song heritage. The staging is opulent with musical arrangements of great inventiveness and with a great variety of instumental solutions.


Nordjyske - Otto Pretzmann

Drømte mig en drøm succeeded in taking the audience on a journey through the history of Danish songs: from labour songs to seasonal songs and to songs that celebrate youth in its many expressions.


Mig og Aalborg - Stine Kjølby Christensen 

Drømte mig en drøm is an exciting theatrical concert that grapples with questions of Danish identity.


Ungt Teaterblod - Christian Skovgaard Hansen

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