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We all carry secrets with us. Things that cannot be said out loud, because they are too embarrassing, evil-minded or hurtful. 

The Danish writer Peer Hultberg gave in 1983 voice to just this kind of secrets in his grand opus Requiem. A host of individual voices reveal in the course of 537 short texts their hidden stories, full of hurt, hate, disgruntlement and jealousy.

In our reworking for the stage we chose 80 characters and intersected several of their narratives into a 2:30 hour long multi-plot play.


from book to stage
drawing Jacob Schokking

Based on the novel Requiem by Peer Hultberg

dramatization - Karen-Maria Bille

staging & design - Jacob F. Schokking

music - Gert Sørensen

videodesign - Alexander Fog

lighting design - Christian Alkjær

costume design - Stine Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

actors - Solbjørg Højfeldt, Lise Baastrup, Marie Bach Hansen, Julie Agnete Vang, Steen Stig Lommer, Olaf Johannessen, Elliott Crosset Hove, Andreas Jebro


Betty Nansen Theatre, 2018 

The press wrote:

It’s all owed to Jacob F. Schokking's eminent staging, not just his effective use of video alternating between live transmissions and sensuous background projections, but also his sublime take on directing. An interpretation with a strong sense for lopsided, existential pain, and for the grotesquely funny.

Berlingske - Jakob Steen Olsen

“Requiem - 80 stories about your innermost self” is one of this seasons most groundbreaking and essential shows.

We’re confronted with a wide variety of characters, who in Jacob F. Schokking’s elegant and easily flowing direction all hit the mark.

The actors have clearly been invited to develop their own interpretations of the many different characters, all within Schokking’s tight compositional framework.

Børsen -  Lars Wallenberg

Nothing less than outstanding literary theatre. Bravo, Betty. 

(red. Betty Nansen Theatre)

Information - Kathrine Maria Amann

Not an obvious staging choice. But in the hands of director Jacob F. Schokking and dramaturg Karen-Maria Bille everythings falls into place effortlessly.


We are sucked into this human merry-go-round, we laugh, we’re gripped and leave the theatre excited. Because we have experienced live in all its grand humbleness.

Jyllands Posten - Henrik Lyding


Usually the multitalented Jacob Schokking is totally serious, but using lighting, sound and video sequences he inserts small and entertaining details of daily life - with the capable help of the eight superb actors.

Kulturkupeen - Ulla Strømberg


Snap shots from on-stage video and lighting sessions in collaboration with Christian Alkjær

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