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Den Sidste Forestilling (The Final Performance) are Roland Schimmelpfennig’s early 2020 reflections on what happens to live arts when venues go dead due to a pandemic.

His essay in Süddeutsche Zeitung was spontaneously staged by several theatres across Europe.

For Aalborg Theatre, Alexander Fog and I developed a concept for a multi monologue, performed by 17 members of their ensemble. Each actor, isolated in different spaces all over the theatre, perform Schimmelpfennigs text in one continuous edited flow.

Visually one space intersects progressively with the next one, like interlocking sentences.


a video staging
Sidste forest_edited.jpg
Sidste forest_edited.jpg

Karla Rosendahl

Marcus Gad Johansen

Sidste forest_edited.jpg

Ferdinand Falsen Hiis

text - Roland Schimmelpfennig 

translation - Jens Christian Lauenstein Led

video staging concept - Jacob F. Schokking

video & editing - Alexander Fog

music - Niels Søren Hansen


actors - Bolette Nørregaard Bang, Østen Borre Simonsen, Jacob Moth-Poulsen, Karla Rosendahl, Ena Spottag, Steffen Berenthz Eriksen, Ferdinand Falsen Hiis, Camilla Gjelstrup, Line Nørholt, Marcus Gad Johansen, Martin Ringsmose, Kathrine Høj Andersen, Lars Topp Thomsen, Jørgen W. Larsen, Sebastian Henry Aagaard- Williams, Evrim Benli, Marie Knudsen Fogh.


Produced by Aalborg Theatre, 2021

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