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The circular videoinstallation Videopano was first exhibited in an 8m. diameter version at Roskilde Musicon, followed by a 30m. diameter outdoor version for the 2008 eArts Festival in Shanghai.

The projection surface is a chain-link curtain, which makes the projection on the inside of the curtain also visible from the outside.

We created our own panoramic video; MOVE AROUND with music by FM Einheit.

At eArts Festival the big Videopano also functioned as a platform for invited artists.


video installation

Videopano installation:

concept & design - Jacob F. Schokking & Peter Plesner


Move Around - panoramic video:

concept - Jacob F. Schokking

choreography - Steen Koerner

videodesign - Jakob Thorbek & Lotte Broe

music - FM Einheit

produced by Holland House, 2008

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